Why Is the Media Always Surprised that Self-defense is Legal?

It’s not like it hasn’t been in the news lately. Teen burglars greeted by gunfire in Jeannette | Local News – WTAE Home

Four teens invade a home, and find an armed homeowner. Two get shot in the legs.

The media is surprised that the person doing the shooting is protected under the Castle Doctrine.

So far, police haven’t charged the 21-year-old resident who shot the teens, saying he may have had a right to defend himself under the state’s Castle Doctrine.

Because it hasn’t been on the national stage at all since the Trayvon Martin case, or the Trevon Johnson case. (“How he gonna get his money?”) and a handful of others.

Is the media that stupid, or are they in collective denial (it ain’t just a reiver in Egypt) about self-defense.

The 2 kids who got shot were picked up when they couldn’t run anymore. The other 2 were picked up when they returned to the scene of the crime to gawk at the police activity.

Self-defense is a human-right. Good Guys 4, Bad Guys 0.