I Think Is An Actual Example of Catch 22

So when the Chicago police department DID NOT release video of an officer-involved shooting, people complained. Now that New Orleans is racing to release the video of a similar incident, people are complaining. NOPD ushers in new video policy with release of fatal shooting footage | wwltv.com OK – so it is the family complaining. But if they were sitting on the video, what would happen?

NEW ORLEANS — A pair of New Orleans officers who fired shots that killed two suspects in separate cases were cleared late last year. On Wednesday, as part of a new department policy to promote transparency, the body-worn camera footage that helped clear the officers was released to the public.

That is what happened here is the complaint. Here is the complaint.

Ophelia Cooper, mother of Omarr Jackson, expressed anger and dismay over the release of the video showing her son being gunned down. She said she heard about the plans to release the footage from the morning news on WWL-TV. That prompted her to immediately call and voice her displeasure to Deputy Chief Arlinda Westbrook, head of the Public Integrity Bureau.

So if you don’t release the video, that is a problem. And if you do release the video it is a different problem. Definitely a case of “Damned if you do, and damned if you don’t.” Will have to re-read Catch 22 to see if I remember correctly.

I am not one to give cops the benefit of the doubt. I have seen bigots in blue enough to question everything that they do. But you have to have some rational rules that they can follow. Either you have them release the video and live with the results, or you don’t have them release the video. They can’t do both at the same time.