Good Guys 1, Bad Guys 0

This guy could have gone his own way, but he had to attack the guy with the gun. MPD: Customer shoots, kills man after being attacked at Mandeville gas station

He made a purchase, and then he started calling the clerk names. (Racial slurs is the term the media are using.) He left came back, and was throwing potato chips at the clerk. The clerk threatened to call police, and a customer, who was open-carrying, told the guy he should leave. As he was leaving, that customer was getting his license plate number. So of course, he decides to fight with the guy who has a visible gun on his hip.

The customer retreated into a corner of the store while he was being attacked. Officials said with nowhere left to retreat, he shot Breland once. Breland did not stop attacking the customer, who fired another two rounds until Breland fell to the ground, the Police Department said.

Drugs or just bad judgement? The autopsy will tell.

Self-defense is a human-right.