Review of Concealed Carry in Illinois by a State’s Attorney

After the Supreme Court ruled in favor of concealed carry, but while the Illinois legislature was dragging its feet, Madison County State’s Attorney Tom Gibbons decided he would not prosecute concealed carry as long as the person had an Illinois Firearms Owners ID card (FOID), and followed a few basic rules. This is a report on his take on the outcome of the CCW law in Illinois. Gibbons on guns: Few problems with concealed carry – The Telegraph –

Madison County is home to Alton, Illinois. One of the older cities in the state is located on the Mississippi River across the state line from St Louis, Missouri. State’s Attorney Gibbons spoke at a local Rotary Club.

The state eventually started issuing permits.

“Pretty much nobody noticed that anything happened other than those of us who cared about carrying a concealed firearm,” Gibbons said. “That’s a good thing. All of the dire predictions we had always heard about gunfights in the streets (did not happen). Those fears that were argued in front of the legislature never came to pass.”

The trotted out the same old cliches in Illinois that they tried everywhere else. It was no more true their than it was anywhere else.

It isn’t a long article, go read the whole thing.