How Do You Say “Cover Up” in German?

Why do politicians and bureaucrats always try to cover up the uncomfortable truth. Cologne police ordered to remove word ‘rape’ from reports into New Year’s Eve sexual assaults amid cover-up claims | Europe | News | The Independent

Local officers had produced an internal “important event” memo entitled “rape, sexual harassment, thefts, committed by a large group of foreign people” – the first indication of the scale of the incident which would go on to make headlines around the world.

According to Cologne newspaper Express, officers received a phone call from the state police control centre ordering them to take down the report “or otherwise delete the phrase ‘Vergewaltigung’” – “rape”.

Could it be because the German government, and Angela Merkel, was in political trouble over the issue of migration?

At least the cops refused to back down.

Police ultimately refused the request, leaving the word “rape” in their report, and the news would eventually reach the wider world.