Chicago Pays $6.5million for 2 Wrongful Death Suits

The police could probably bankrupt the city all by themselves. City Council Approves $6.5M Settlement in Wrongful Death Suits Involving Chicago Police | NBC Chicago

One guy they tasered 16 times. They did that even though they were told he was having “mental episodes.” But cops don’t do hospitals; they do jail. (That is a near quote.)

The other case should go to trial under the heading of depraved indifference to human suffering.

In the second case, the Finance Committee approved payment of $1.5 million to the family of Justin Cook, who died while suffering an asthma attack during arrest. Witnesses at the scene said Cook begged for his inhaler, and that one of the officers sprayed it in the air, rather than letting him use it.

No one was fired, let alone brought up on charges.


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