Chicago – “almost 1,000 people have been shot since January 1”

Justice The interesting thing – to me – in this article is the statistics. The basic message should be known to anyone who lived in the city in the past 30 years. (Nothing has changed.) Chiraq: Rahm’s Task Force Accuses Chicago Police Department Of Institutional Racism – Matt Vespa Chiraq indeed.

No surprise here really. The message is simple: The Chicago police department is prejudiced. Racially, their attitudes are straight out of the dark ages. Silence. Coverups. And in the case of a recently released dashcam video, doing the same thing (they did in the McDonald case) and expecting a different outcome.

As of late, the city is on track to have a 500-homicide year, and almost 1,000 people have been shot since January 1. It’s the bloodiest ushering in of the New Year for Chicago in nearly 20 years.

As for accountability, the police are doing everything they can to retain their secrets.

Now, concerning police accountability, this may be an area where some attention is needed, especially after 80 percent of Chicago police dash-cameras are missing audio recordings due to “officer error” or “intentional destruction.”

You don’t reach 80 percent of anything by accident. You reach 80 percent through incentives, or through the lack of penalties.

They always end these stories by telling us that most cops are decent hardworking people. But in Chicago, 80 percent of those people don’t want to follow the law, and are willing to violate policy and in some cases destroy or disable city property. If I destroyed/disabled a city camera, I would be labeled a criminal. Why do the cops get a free pass?