What Happens When Doctors Become Just Another Group of Government Employees? They go on strike.

The success of socialized medicine in the UK has be so “good” that doctors are considering a campaign to keep people out of the profession. Junior doctors could go on indefinite walk-out after strike, leaked emails reveal

The bulk of the story is about a 2-day strike scheduled for the near future, and the possibility of a longer strike starting in June.

But the thing that caught my attention is that there seems to be real dissatisfaction of the class of folks known as “junior doctors.”

Other options include a mass resignation of trainees; recommending doctors seek alternative employment; recommending careers outside medicine, and “alternative forms of permanent action”.

The UK already has something of a doctor shortage. There have been cases of non-English-speaking doctors causing death because they can’t communicate with their patients. The current set of strikes is about a mandatory increase in hours and not paying for the time. The doctors are a union since they are just another class of government worker.

Ain’t socialism grand.