You Say Protester, I Say Rioter

Burning cars doesn’t strike me as the hallmark of peaceful protest. Protesters clash with police over France’s new labour laws – The Local

So what is the kerfuffle about?

The government’s changes are basically aimed at making it easier for companies to hire and fire workers and make rules around working hours less rigid.

But being able to fire people who don’t perform is too extreme for the French socialists. Of course if companies know they can fire people, the might actually hire someone.

God forbid they should make their economy look more German. (The Germans have exceptionally low unemployment right now, in case you were wondering.)


One thought on “You Say Protester, I Say Rioter

  1. This is what unions do when they have no other recourse. They don’t have reason on their side. They can’t make management listen. Part of the reason that management won’t listen is because they have abused any good will they’ve ever had with them.

    I lived in France for a couple of years. It’s a lovely country but my God, people do have their heads up their asses about labor and economics. I think it comes from a sense of entitlement. Once you get your job, you’re supposed to be set for life. Never mind that French businesses are in competition with each other and with companies from around the world.

    Also, this is part of a wider trend in the world. “Protests” are excuses to break and steal stuff. Never mind if you have a case to put. If you behave like a savage, nobody will ever listen to your case. I remember in high school, someone picked a fight with me. I was completely in the right on that, but calling the teacher who broke us up a “cunt” was got me in deep, deep trouble.

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