Dallas’ Bathroom Police Catch Woman Using Women’s Restroom 

The woman in this story is 5ft 3in. I am 6ft tall. Often wear work boots or hiking boots. Haven’t worn anything but jeans or short in years. Keep my hair fairly short. (Not as short as some of my friends.) I don’t wear jewelry or generally any of the costume of straight American woman in the 21st Century. And when I’m out boating I wear a fedora. Imagine my life. Dallas’ Bathroom Police Catch Woman Using Women’s Restroom | Dallas Observer

Rush wears her hair in a bleached blond fauxhawk and dresses androgynously. On Thursday, she was wearing a T-shirt from her alma mater, Texas Tech, with basketball shorts. As the man at Baylor explained after walking into the restroom behind her, it’s all very confusing.

In Texas, I’m surprised the only thing she confronted him with was a cellphone camera. I would have taken a different set of defensive measures.

This is the crap we get from the Republicans and their “predators in the bathroom” insanity. When of course that isn’t the issue. They want everyone to conform the Ozzie/Harriet notions they grew up with, and if not then that isn’t their fault.

I wonder where the religious right comes down on the subject of intersex?


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  1. What is going to happen when one of these self-appointed bathroom cops tries to grab up either an an androgynous-looking woman or a post-op and then gets a few JHPs for his trouble?

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