Unexpectedly – Self-defense is legal in New York

It took the authorities in New York a couple of days to figure out that armed-self-defense is legal. (I’m sure they were hoping it was not.) Homeowner won’t face charges for shooting man

A couple tried to break in. When they realized that the homeowner was armed, they followed his instruction to leave. When the homeowner decided to write down their license plate number, the guy had a problem. And he seriously miscalculated the solution to that problem.

That’s when police say the man jumped from the driver’s seat and charged at the homeowner while making threats. The homeowner fired several shots, hitting the man.

The police caught up to the pair of miscreants and took the guy the hospital.

Acting District Attorney Patrick Swanson released a statement about the incident, saying the homeowner “did not operate outside the confines of the law” when he fired his weapon. Swanson says the homeowner fired at the man’s legs and “while any self-defense class would teach otherwise, the homeowner probably spared a life when taking action in this manner.”

Center of mass people. Center of mass.

Self-defense is a human-right. Good Guys 2, Bad Guys 0.


One thought on “Unexpectedly – Self-defense is legal in New York

  1. I noticed several male/female pairs of burglars who got shot last year. That was just what I happened to notice in the news stream.

    I wonder if criminal couples are on the rise, or I just started noticing them?

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