Cops Wouldn’t Lie in Court, Would They?

Of course they would. Chicago police investigate 6 officers over alleged false testimony – Chicago Tribune

The inquiry, confirmed by a police spokesman, comes in response to a Tribune investigation that documented more than a dozen examples over the past few years in which judges concluded officers gave false or questionable testimony in court.

In the past, if an officer’s testimony was thrown out as being incredible (that is highly suspected of being perjury, no one would get notified. Today, everyone gets notified.

Under a new policy, the office will inform the department and other law enforcement agencies when a disclosure notice is filed regarding one of their officers.

Previously, the state’s attorney had not done so, and as a result, there was no guarantee the police agencies learned when officers provided testimony a judge concluded was false or questionable.

The Justice System is not interested in Justice, it is interested in winning. And in Chicago there is a long-standing tradition of cops lying (and beating suspects and torturing them for confessions) that goes back decades to the days of Jon Burge. And the State’s Attorneys were in on the fix. (A cop hands over a signed confession and the suspect is sent to the hospital before being booked, and you think the attorneys didn’t know.)