“a broken system that doesn’t keep repeat offenders behind bars and off the streets”

He was told she was armed. I guess he didn’t believe her. Video: Authorities Say Homeowner Likely Justified Using Deadly Force Against Would Be Burglar – WCBI.com

So they showed up twice. They first time they said they had car trouble. The 2nd time was in the middle of the night. And the owners knew they were there because of the security cameras they had installed after earlier trouble.

“The female homeowner goes out to investigate and finds Mr. Sneed inside one of the vehicles, walks up to the vehicle, she is armed and she instructs him that he is trespassing and he needs to get out, he makes a lunge action toward her and that’s when she fires one shot,” Sheriff Johnson said.

The homeowner then told the girlfriend to remain in their vehicle while she called 911.

Sneed was dead at the scene, his girlfriend is in custody and the female homeowner is shaken up.

The sheriff noted that the dead guy had a long rap sheet, and yet was out on probation.

On top of that, Sheriff Johnson points out that Gary Sneed Jr., had a lengthy rap sheet, from drug related offenses, to burglary.

“What does it take to violate your probation?” the sheriff asked.

Johnson says this case is another example of a broken system that doesn’t keep repeat offenders behind bars and off the streets.

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