The Dream of Free Health Care in the UK Runs into Reality

Something that can’t last forever, won’t. Free universal healthcare questioned after record overspend by hospitals.

Overspending by the UK’s NHS has been substantial. Budgets are a wishful thought, and the some say the official numbers have been cooked by more than $700 million. Either way, the UK is finally up against the wall having to admit that maybe they can’t afford free health care.

Richard Murray, Director of Policy at The King’s Fund, said: “Overspending on this scale is not down to mismanagement or inefficiency in individual trusts.

“It shows a health system buckling under huge financial and operational pressures.

“At the same time, performance against key targets is deteriorating and concerns about quality of care are increasingly widespread.”

Those “key targets” are waiting times in emergency rooms, the number of people waiting for surgery. etc.

The solution – make people pay something.

That won’t be the next step. The next step will be to have the bean-counters take over complete control of health care. (And you thought you had trouble dealing with your insurance carrier – wait till it is administered by the DMV/IRS. Sorry, forgot that was in the hands of the IRS.)