What He Said: “Chicago Is Dying”

Was there ever a Republican mayor in Chicago? Not in 100 years or so. Classical Values » Chicago Is Dying

On the road to becoming the next Detroit, and the unions dig in for more.


One thought on “What He Said: “Chicago Is Dying”

  1. Actually, the last Republican mayor was Big Bill Thompson (1915-23, 1927-31), but he was nothing to write home about. He was too busy taking money from Al Capone to do much else, good or bad. Then he was succeeded by “Ten-Percent Tony” Cermak, so-called because that was his cut of every city contract. Cermak’s corrupt police detail tried unsuccessfully to kill Frank Nitti, then Nitti had Cermak hit while Cermak was in Miami at a rally with FDR.
    Chicago politics is a blood sport.

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