Cops Still Haven’t Learned – There is always more than 1 camera

She is facing “discipline.” She should be under arrest for assault with a deadly weapon. NYPD sergeant aims gun at man recording her, busts into his home

His crime? He had the nerve to record the police in accordance with his civil rights. But cops don’t like that.

Rivera was ordered by a cop to go back inside his apartment. He is still recording from inside the doorway when Pichardo rushes up to him.

“Who are these people to you?” she yells at Rivera. “Give me the phone, motherf—–!”

A cop pulled Rivera out of his apartment into the hallway where he was handcuffed. The cops apparently were unaware that Rivera, who installs security systems for a living, had installed cameras in various rooms of his apartment. Those cameras recorded a swarm of cops filing into his apartment and searching the rooms in front of his shocked girlfriend.

The crazy part of the story, is that the original cellphone video didn’t show the cops doing anything wrong. It wasn’t until Pichardo decided that she didn’t believe the public’s right video cops, that anything went wrong.

Arrested on a bunch of charges that the DA refuses to consider. His apartment searched without a warrant. He was hauled out of his apartment even though he was doing nothing wrong.

The apologists will tell you that this was one cop having a bad day. But her record of abuse is problematic, and she is the 2nd cop in a month to have video of not wanting to be videoed. It isn’t 1 cop having a bad day. It is a whole system that thinks it can do whatever it wants and the “little people” have to take it. It is a system that doesn’t call rouges to account for their actions, but sweeps everything under the rug and pays settlements. And it is a system that doesn’t understand that they are always on camera. (And increasingly that video is stored on the cloud, so taking or destroying the phone doesn’t help. Can you say “Bambuser?”)

My prediction: This cop – and those others who violated the 4th amendment that day with illegal search – won’t be tried for crimes and won’t be fired. They might get a token suspension of the few days and slap on the wrist. Even if this guy Rivera collects a boatload of cash, it won’t impact them in the least.

What would you be charged with if you pointed a gun at someone without a legal reason to do so?