Not One Cop Having a Bad Day – A Conspiracy of Lies

She lied under oath. And was caught because there was video documenting what actually happened. Chicago Cop Who Admitted To Perjury Allowed To Resign After Prosecutor Refuses Criminal Charges – PINAC News

She said she never showed a crime victim a photo-lineup. But she did, and the victim didn’t pick out the person she wanted to arrest. So she lied about showing the lineup. But there was video of her discussing doing exactly that.

After the trial, Bogdalek admitted she lied and indeed showed the photo-lineup to the victim. She confessed that police detectives, multiple superiors and Dominick Catinilla, her partner, encouraged her to lie.

So, not one cop having a bad day. A whole collection of cops who aren’t interested in the truth, who aren’t interested in Justice, and who don’t think it is wrong for a cop to lie under oath. Makes me wonder how often they have lied under oath. So what will happen to those “detectives and multiple superiors?” Absolutely nothing.

(PINAC stands for “Photography is not a crime.” Increasingly photography is catching crimes committed by police.)