Reporters Apparently Think You Need a CCW Permit in Your Own Home

Reporters ask stupid questions. Elderly Dayton resident shoots suspected intruder

So an elderly woman sees someone trying to break into her home. (He apparently made entry – it is hard to decipher this mess.)

But then the spokesperson for the cops has to explain that you don’t need a CCW permit in your own home.

Ponichtera said he did not have information as to whether the woman has a CCW [concealed carry weapon] permit.
“In your own home, [having a CCW] does not apply as long as long as you’re not a convicted felon or are under some restriction for having a weapon …. It is not against the law to have a weapon in your own home for personal safety.”

That is worthy of a head slap. Why would you ask about concealed carry, unless you thought it was a requirement. Hint: In Ohio it isn’t required to register guns or that you are a gun owner. If you want to carry concealed, that is a separate matter. Reporters on a crime beat should have more knowledge. I know; that is asking too much.