Floridian Translation: “No Swimming” = “Stay Away from the Water”

What happened at the Disney resorts is a tragedy. A family from the Midwest didn’t understand what the “No Swimming” sign meant. The fact that they pulled at least 5 adult alligators out of the lagoon in question should give you a hint.

The water in Florida is not safe.

Fresh water may contain gators. Salt water contains sharks, and if you are near the Everglades, salt water can also be home to the American crocodile.

“Don’t swim” means don’t be in water that is not set up for swimming. Splashing in the shallows may not technically be swimming, but it is the worst thing you can do.

Not that it will matter. A few years from now, another tourist – young or old – will encounter another gator. In the water hazard on a golf course. Near their hotel. And Floridians have problems too. (3 people were killed in one week in 2006.)