Recording Video of Cops is Not a Crime. NYPD Even Printed a Memo

But cops are ignoring that memo. Photography is a crime in the mind of NYPD cops. But it isn’t really a crime. NYPD accused of arresting man for recording video of cops – NY Daily News

The NYPD has been broadcasting a message to cops over its radio frequency reminding them that the public has a constitutional right to record their activities with phones or cameras.

Didn’t stop a bunch of cops from arresting a guy for the crime of recording their actions. He wasn’t interfering. He was back far enough to be in line with the NYPD guidelines. (That is, he was NOT interfering.) He still got arrested.

His lawyer is prepping a complaint to the oversight board and a lawsuit for infringement of civil rights.

The original actions weren’t that bad. That is, the cops didn’t really have anything to hide, they just object to being on video.

[This guy’s attorney, Jason] Leventhal pointed out that if the cops were accused of using excessive force against the woman, the video would probably exonerate them.

Don’t dare question their authority!