NYPD Corruption Marches On

There has been so much ink and electrons dumped on this topic that I only record it here because in a few months, I will be told that police corruption is a matter of a few bad apples. Or cops having a bad day or whatever. A dark day for the NYPD | New York Post

You can file this under the best police support you can buy.

According to the charges, two businessmen (who are also friends and fund-raisers for Mayor de Blasio) lavished $100,000 in gifts on top cops, for which “they got, in effect, a private police force for themselves and their friends.”

They got pistol permits for themselves and their friends. They got police escorts through traffic. They got VIP treatment at events.

In return, the cops allegedly got costly trips, private plane junkets (including one with a prostitute), jewelry, home repairs and Christmas gifts hand-delivered by the two favor-seekers wearing elf hats.

The cops’ sense of entitlement grew so brazen that one actually complained when the “elves” didn’t show the next Christmas.

This isn’t the kind of thing that could go unnoticed. There were many people who knew.