Life in a Socialist Paradise: Venezuela faces Starvation

Sooner or later you run out of other peoples’ money. Venezuela’s season of starvation – Chicago Tribune

People camp out for 18 hours in order to be able to shop on the day they are approved for shopping by the government.

At noon, they finally pass through a cordon of police and National Guardsmen to enter the supermarket and claim their prize for 18 hours of hell: the right to purchase two kilograms of cornmeal and one kilogram of pasta. “I am doing this because I have children,” William says. In the old days, he always voted for President Hugo Chávez and his successor, Nicolás Maduro. “How can this be happening? We have the world’s largest oil reserves, but we don’t have food.”

Someone in another venue said that socialism sounds good, that is always has sounded good, and probably always will, until you look at the historical record of socialism and communism. When you actually look at the countries bankrupted. And at the misery produced when incentives are removed from a system, then socialist regimes and socialist programs don’t look so good.

The food shortage, precipitated by Chávez’s economic policies and a precipitous drop in oil revenue, is the worst in the country’s history. It has led the government to limit purchases of basic foodstuffs and set their prices. Nonetheless, basic goods such as coffee, sugar, rice, milk, pasta, toilet paper, hand soap, and detergent remain impossible to find. According to Datanalisis, the country’s leading polling agency, over 80 percent of regulated foodstuffs have vanished from store shelves.

Folks are eating one meal day, and hunting through garbage cans. Some are hunting pigeons and rats and even dogs.

Go read the laundry list of things they did. Nationalized industries – resulting in the decimation of food production. The games they played, the debts they incurred, and the maintenance of oil facilities that was “deferred.” (That is the term bureaucracies use when the ignore what they should be taking care of. Maintenance of oil facilities in Venezuela. Pension payments in Chicago.


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