In Case Anyone is Interested in “Why Brexit?” (Aside from claims of xenophobia…)

The people who hate democracy – and there are a lot of them – want you to believe that Brexit is all about immigration. But that is simplistic and self-serving. Why Britons Should Vote to Leave the EU, by The Editors, National Review. The arguments from before the vote…

First, the EU was designed to suppress democracy. The folks who started the ball rolling blamed democracy for WWII. They wanted to stamp it out for that reason, and because they knew better.

They quite consciously set out to avoid submitting their grand design to democratic debate and the verdict of the voters. Instead it would proceed “functionally,” treaty by treaty, regulation by regulation, committee vote by committee vote, largely shielded from oversight, until one day the peoples of Europe would discover they were living under a new “European” government. That bright new day has now dawned.

Today the non-democratic nature of the EU is pretty clear for all to see.

There is no right, said European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker recently, to vote against Europe.

You don’t have the right to choose. You gave away your rights be Britain or France in the 50s, 60s and 70s. You now have to abide by whatever we say, even when we break the agreements we made with you in good faith, because “good faith” is for suckers.

[The agreed upon rules for the EURO] above all the “No Bailouts” rule, were swept aside by the European Central Bank in the interest of safeguarding the euro against the currency crises it had invited. EU institutions backed by the French and German governments removed two democratically elected prime ministers under the thinnest veil of constitutionality. They replaced them with technocrats (one of whom, the Italian, received a derisory share of the vote in the subsequent election). Chancellor Merkel’s unilateral decision to invite the world to Europe broke the Dublin Accords on refugee reception.

I can’t find the quote now, but at one point during the Greek financial crisis, Juncker (or one of his lackeys) said that there was no time for democracy. The Greeks had better just do what Brussels ordered. (So, how’s that working out?)

Next up: Netherlands Exit or Nexit.

[Hat tip to Jim Treacher.