Even in the Peoples’ Republic of Illinois…

Self-defense works. Homeowner shoots and kills intruder during attempted home invasion | WGN-TV

The Cook County Sheriff’s Department says the homeowner is a legal gun owner. He killed one man, and shot and wounded another when they attempted to break into his house in a quiet upscale neighborhood.

One would-be intruder was shot and killed. One was shot and arrested at a local hospital. The others (police don’t say how many) were arrested after a car chase.

At least one of the neighbors is now considering that they might have to defend themselves.

They say the homeowner holds a valid conceal carry license, and at least one neighbor says he’s considering buying a gun to protect his home.

The concealed carry license is a red-herring, and probably an answer to an uneducated reporter. (You don’t need a concealed carry license in your own home.)

Good Guys 2+, Bad Guys 0.