If I took Something That Didn’t Belong to Me (without permission) It Would Be Theft

And I could be arrested for it. Apparently the cops think that they can do what they want without needing a warrant. Or permission. Baton Rouge shooting footage showing Alton Sterling’s death seized by LA police officers

That should be illegally seized.

[The hard drive containing the video] was taken from his shop by police around 7.30am on Tuesday morning. He had spoken to police for three hours as a witness and given a lengthy statement.

But he told Daily Mail Online that although officers said they had a warrant to take anything relevant to their investigation, they did not show him it – and have not produced one since.

Warrants are public records. If one existed, they could produce it. They can’t produce one because they don’t need to bother with the 4th amendment. And you are disrespecting their Authority for suggesting that the Constitution might be a check on their powers.

Joel Porter, the store keeper’s attorney said: ‘This was an illegal confiscation. The police had no warrant.

‘If there was a warrant issued to enter my client’s premises and take the video, it would have been a matter of record.

‘I have been in touch with the clerk of the court at Baton Rouge and there is no record of the warrant being issued.

‘My client was held in a police car for around three hours and that was illegal too. He was not a suspect.’

Whatever they do now, whatever that video does or does not show, the police in Baton Rouge will forever look like they were trying to cover up a bad shooting. I’m not saying it was, I am saying they are acting like they think it might be.