Pokémon Go Used to Set Up Crimes (and other fun facts)

Weird facts about Pokémon Go. Armed robbers used Pokémon Go to target victims in Missouri | The Verge

Apparently, the thieves used the app to set up a beacon at a Pokéstop within the game. Using this method, Sergeant Bill Stringer of the OPD told Motherboard that the culprits were able to rob 11 players, all between the ages of 16 and 18, in the St. Louis and St. Charles counties of Missouri.

Other issues occurred when kids exercised for the first time in their lives and experienced soreness. A Wyoming teenager discovered a dead body while using the app/playing the game/whatever. Australian police had to tell people not to come into the police station to collect digital creatures. (They also had to tell people to look both ways before crossing the street.) And Washington State’s Department of Transportation had to warn people not to use the app while driving.

Cops apprehended 4 criminals in the St. Louis/St. Charles crimes.