Nice, France: 3rd Attack in 18 Months

The perspective of a Parisian. Even after all France has endured, this attack is a huge shock | Agnes Poirier | Opinion | The Guardian

This is the third attack on France and the French way of life in 18 months. Everyone of us has been targeted by this radical Islamist ideology: cartoonists, journalists, French Jews, football fans, diners, rock fans, and now families enjoying that most childlike and wondrous of spectacles: Bastille Day fireworks.

The quote that makes this worth bringing to everyone’s attention:

If one thing, the events in Nice make us realise that there are clear limits to what the state and its institutions can do. As the Islamic scholar, Gilles Kepel, spelt out clearly on Friday morning, this threat and the challenges it brings concerns us all, individually and collectively: “It is French society, as a whole, that must destroy the radical Islamist ideology, not just the police.”

Maybe the Europeans will wake up to the fact that everyone must be vigilant, and that when bad things start to happen, you are on your own. Maybe, but I doubt it. That would be too much like taking responsibility for your own protection.