Another Terror Attack in France

French FlagThis attack took place in a Catholic church. At least one dead in French church hostage taking

Several people were taken hostage by two men with knives in a Catholic church in the Normandy region of France. A priest was killed and another hostage badly wounded. The assailants had since been “neutralized.”

That’s “neutralized” with extreme prejudice.

Hollande told reporters he had met with survivors and first responders. He said the attack was carried out by two “terrorists” who had “claimed to be from Daesh,” using the Arabic name for the “Islamic State” group. He labeled the attack “cowardly.”

Name calling isn’t going to get the job done, but that is all that is left to the political establishment in Europe. Because to actually do anything that might improve security would be mean. Or something. At this point, I’m not sure what they can do.