Olympic Sailing Fiasco.

Dead bodies floating the harbor. Severed limbs. Marathon swimmers and sailors warned of toxic sludge. Now this. Sailing ramp collapses week before Rio Olympics 2016 racing starts | Daily Mail Online

The main launch ramp at the Marina da Gloria buckled on Saturday afternoon after damage from a wave surge during high tide.

The Rio waterways have been a major concern ahead of the games with dead bodies and rubbish hampering preparations for athletes.

I’m sorry but a “surge during high tide” is something that you can account for, design for and build for. It isn’t like Rio just got hit with a hurricane or anything. But then building to stand up to the oceans isn’t cheap.

Maybe the Brazil Olympics will go off without a hitch. But I doubt it. I understand that it was great politics to let Brazil Olympics, but it won’t be that great if it is a disaster.