Bedlam Boys/Rights of Man

The Old Blind Dogs are a UK (Scottish, actually) folk group. They play a fair amount of Celtic music. The membership has been a little fluid over the years, and considering they have been around since 1990 or so, that is understandable.

This is “Bedlam Boys/Rights of Man” from the 2007 album Four on the Floor. (A reference to the fact there were 4 members of the group when that album was recorded.

The lyrics reference “Mad Tom of Bedlam.” This references an old poem (from the 17th Century) and other aspects of English literature. (A character in Shakespeare’s King Lear, disguises himself as “Tom o’ Bedlam.”) And a separate (later) ballad entitled “Mad Maudlin’s Search for Her Tom of Bedlam.”

Not sure why they reference Thomas Paine’s The Rights of Man, but maybe the educational system in the UK beats what I went through.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the music.