“He had three choices”

It’s a citizen shot by cops, so the complaints are flying, but the video shows he attacked cops. Video Shows Suspect Attack Cincinnati Police Officer

And the video shows him with a knife at the local Kroger, where he was believed to have been shoplifting.

What were his three choices?

  1. Flee
  2. Comply (what the FOP wants you to do)
  3. Launch a frontal assault

He picked option 3, and the results should not surprise anyone.

It is unfortunate, but “the choices we make dictate the lives we lead.” Or don’t as the case may be.

There is much in the media about this guy being homeless, and mentally ill. I don’t know, but it seems that the cops didn’t have a lot of choice in the seconds of the attack. If you are attacked by a mentally ill person, you still have the right to defend yourself from that attack.


One thought on ““He had three choices”

  1. That last quote is from a movie, Renaissance Man staring Danny DeVito. (Any movie staring DeVito that prominently features Shakespeare can’t be all bad.)

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