When Only Cops Have Guns, Only They Will Be Disarmed – and their guns used in crime

A bad-guy got an NYPD officer’s gun and shot 15 rounds, killing a store clerk. Clerk Dead After Man Grabs Officer’s Gun in Bodega: NYPD

Guzman fired multiple times with the officer’s gun and police believe one of those shots hit a 49-year-old clerk who worked across the street. The clerk had apparently followed Guzman to A & M Deli Grocery after he got into a dispute with him minutes before at his bodega.

Apparently the “accepted method” of keeping a gun out of the bad-guys’ hands, is a bit lacking in real-world success.

Source: NYPD training tactic to secure cop gun rarely works – NY Daily News

In the heat of battle, training intended to help cops secure their weapons often goes out the window, a police tactics expert said.

Few things in bureaucracies are as resilient as the ideas backed up by tradition, or “we’ve always done it that way.” Even when “that way” is shown to not work so well, people are reluctant to change.