Self-defense is Legal in Cincinnati

Apparently there was some doubt. Prosecutor: Clerk’s shooting of robbery suspect justified | Local News – WLWT Home

Kirby was wearing blue latex gloves, a hoodie and face covering that partially concealed his face. He produced a gun, later identified as a loaded semi-automatic .380 handgun.

Kirby pointed the gun at the clerk and demanded the money from the register, Deters said. Kirby then forced the clerk to the back to try and open a safe. At some point, Kirby turned his head, and the clerk pulled out his own concealed weapon and fired four times, Deters said. All four shots struck Kirby.

There are still images at the link above. You see the would-be bad-guy point a gun at the clerk. You see him on the ground after he was shot.

The clerk was calling 911 – for an ambulance as much as anything – when Kirby decided to run. He didn’t get far. Police found him nearby; he died at a local hospital.

Self-defense is a human-right.