When Cops Break Into Wrong House: One year anniversary

You may remember… Cops broke into the wrong house (in response to a 911 call) opened fire without warning, shot the family dog, the husband, and shot one of their fellow officers. Next came the cover-up. Couple plans to sue county, officers one year after wrong house shooting

So what is a group of fine, upstanding officers to do when they screw the pooch? Lie, lie and lie.

The report also lists the wrong address of the house, describes Yanna as a pit bull, [the dog was a boxer] and says Chris ‘burst out of a closed door’, which he says he hadn’t even finished opening when the officers opened fire.

“They were trying to spin a story that would protect them, that would cover what they did,” said the couple’s attorney, Mark Bullman.

Leah says DeKalb investigators kept trying to suggest Chris had a gun, which he didn’t.

The Keystone Cops couldn’t have done a finer job of screwing up by the numbers. And then the cops close ranks and try to say it was all justified. That story of theirs fell apart.

The local cops “investigated” but have not released their findings. The Georgia cops (in the form of The Georgia Bureau of Investigation) finished an investigation in September, but refuse to release it. So much for the freedom of information.

This should really be filed under “Cops Behaving Stupidly,” but I haven’t created that folder.)