He Was Released from Jail for Violating a Protection Order, So of Course…

He went back and violated the same protection order, and committed assault, and may have shot out a glass door. $90,000 cash bond set for man shot by Oxford homeowner after alleged assault

The sheriff’s office said Kahler entered the residence without permission to do so, went into the basement and confronted the protected party. Authorities said Kahler then began breaking things and screaming for his belongings.

The protected party went upstairs to show Kahler where his possessions were and he hit the woman across the face, police said. Another woman in the residence attempted to intervene and Kahler pushed her against a dishwasher and kicked the woman while she was on the ground, the complaints state.

After this fine-upstanding example of manhood beat up 2 women, he was ejected from the residence by the homeowner. At that point the glass door shattered. Since the homeowner thought he heard a gunshot, he grabbed his shotgun.

The homeowner then grabbed a shotgun and confronted Kahler, the sheriff’s office said. When Kahler allegedly made an “aggressive move” toward the homeowner, the homeowner shot the man in the leg with bird shot, authorities said.

Some of this is still under investigation, but after he got out of the hospital, he was hauled back to jail. If convicted of everything he is charged with, be may be in that jail for 20 years.


One thought on “He Was Released from Jail for Violating a Protection Order, So of Course…

  1. If you think you need an order of protection, you also need a plan for your personal safety. Because relying on “The System™” to protect you has been shown time and again to be a losing proposition. This guy wasn’t in jail for 24 hours. Having him arrested for the 1st violation didn’t teach him anything; it only made him angry.

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