The Death of the Local Gun Show

So I went to our local gun show today. To call it a disappointment is understatement. Glocks, 1911s, AR-15s. Ammo. And not a lot of anything else. The most interesting booth was one of the knife merchants. (What is it with 1911s in 9mm?)

Sad really. When I lived here 20 years ago, I went to this show every time they offered it. It was crowded, there was variety. There were antiques and interesting weapons. Today there wasn’t even any jerky for sale – as far as I could tell. And it wasn’t crowded. (Though it was a beautiful day in the neighborhood, probably better to be outdoors!)

And can I just say… ENOUGH with the pink guns. If you want to design a gun for women, it requires more than using pink plastic in the grip.