Someone Old Enough to be Charged as Adult, Shot While Committing Felony

But that headline isn’t as sexy as “teen killed.” Teen burglary suspect shot, killed by homeowner, Union Co. deputies say. This story is 2 days old, but because it is of a “teen tragically shot” the media can’t get enough.

The man who lives at the home on Happy Hollow Lane said he woke up to noises before 4 a.m. Monday and knew someone broke in. He told detectives with the Union County Sheriff’s Office he yelled and saw burglars jump out of a window.

Authorities said a few minutes later, at least two teenagers came back for what investigators believe was to get a book bag they left behind.

The homeowner said he saw Marquies Waters on the back porch, confronted him and shot him

The homeowner has not been charged with a crime, because however the press likes to twist things, defending yourself from attack on your own property is your right.

The two miscreants who were not shot, are in police custody charged with first-degree burglary and felony conspiracy. Don’t know if the felony murder thing applies in this state or not, but they could be charged with that in a state like Texas.

Self-defense is a human-right.