News Flash: Crooked Chicago Politician Sent to Jail

OK, so it isn’t too much in the way of news. (If you look-up “crooked politics” in the dictionary, you might just find a map of Chicago. Or Illinois.) Figure in traffic cameras scandal admits ‘immoral’ acts, gets 10 years – Chicago Tribune So he’s an ex-politician. Still applies.

Guess which city in America has the LARGEST red-light-camera system. You got it. Chicago. It has to be big, to pay all the bribes.

According to testimony, [John] Bills began scheming almost immediately after he was handed the responsibility of overseeing the red-light camera pilot project, hatching a plot to steer traffic camera contracts to Redflex Traffic Systems Inc., an Arizona-based firm.

Bills manipulated the process to ensure Redflex won the contract, orchestrated votes and met with Daley and Madigan in his efforts to promote the company’s agenda. He coached the company’s executives before their meetings with other city officials and advised them about which lobbyists to hire, what politicians to court and to whom to make political contributions.

He was convicted of accepting something like $2million in bribes and kickbacks. He admits to taking only about $42,000.

Bills, 55, who rose through City Hall as part of the political patronage army of longtime House Speaker Michael Madigan, faced up to 30 years in prison for personally profiting in exchange for helping grow the city’s $600 million red-light camera program into the largest in the nation.

Scheming to fleece the public is the Chicago way.


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