Break Into Homes and You Will Eventually Find an Armed Resident

The results of such an encounter should not be surprising Suspect shot during Port Richey home invasion | Tampa Bay Times

Three men broke in, and one of them pointed a gun at that homeowner, made him lie on the floor, and they stole his wallet.

While that was happening, the woman, who was not identified, ran to her room and retrieved a gun. She returned to the living room, where the burglars were standing over her husband, and told them to freeze, deputies said.

They didn’t freeze, they ran. But the one with the gun turned back, and that’s when he got shot.

He was restrained until police arrived, and then he was taken to the hospital. He “was charged with home invasion robbery with a deadly weapon.” The other two miscreants ran and are being sought by the police.

Self-defense is a human-right.