Chicago: 500 Homicides for 2016 Year-to-date

Chicago FlagThis year Chicago has had more homicides than New York City and Los Angeles combined. Chicago hits 500 homicides for year after deadly Labor Day weekend | Something is clearly wrong in Chicago.

With a holiday weekend spate of violence that killed 13 people, the homicide toll in the nation’s third-largest city hit 500, a grim milestone that puts the city on track to reach a murder rate it hasn’t seen since the drug wars of the 1990s.

More than in all of 2015. Puts it on a rate to top 600 in 2016.

There is much that has been said. Everyone is pointing fingers. There are a few notable articles. The Chicago Tribune has an opinion piece by an African-American that is moving. While highlighting problems it recognizes that the bulk of the killings are black-on-black and gang related, and calls on the community to “do something.” (I’m not sure anyone knows exactly what to do.) CNN has an article with a lot of graphs comparing Chicago to other cities by homicide rates per 100,000 residents. By that measure, Chicago is NOT the murder capital of America. (St Louis by the data they provide.)