Chicagoans upset with new taxes. Want City to hire more police

How they are supposed to pay for more cops and more-cops’ pensions, no one knows. I guess math is harder than I think it is. Rahm Emanuel’s Water Tax Plan Goes Before Aldermen Thursday « CBS Chicago

So they are going to raise water/sewer taxes because they can do that without approval by Illinois State Legislature – talk about a dysfunctional political body, you won’t find a more disturbed place than the Illinois State capital. (Do they have a budget yet? If not it has been over a year since they did. Might be closing in on 2.)

“I had nothing to do with the pension plan and their deficit. So I don’t feel responsible for it,” Brainerd neighborhood resident Debra Roberts said.

“I mean, when does it stop? I mean, every year it’s something, and it keep going up and up,” Ashburn neighborhood resident Trent Hicks said.

She had nothing to do with it. She is NOT responsible for the stuff done in her name by her elected officials. “When does it stop?” he wants to know. When the city can pay its bills. Which will probably be never.

The City of Chicago has the highest sales tax in the US. (Currently over 10 percent.) And they just raised 588 million dollars of property tax. The water and sewer plan will raise 233 million more. And the property tax increases are not done. And all of this together is NOT enough to pay the bills that the Democratic machine in Chicago has wracked up over the past 50 years. (Or more.) They called the tune, now it is time to pay the piper.


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