North Korea and Nuclear Weapons

When a Democratic President loses the New York Times, things are not good. A Big Blast in North Korea, and Big Questions on U.S. Policy – The New York Times

For more than seven years, President Obama has adopted a policy of gradually escalating sanctions that the White House once called “strategic patience.” But the test on Friday — the North’s fifth and most powerful blast yet, perhaps with nearly twice the strength of its last one — eliminates any doubt that that approach has failed and that the North has mastered the basics of detonating a nuclear weapon.

This probably marks the end of Nuclear non-proliferation, since I can’t believe that the South will do nothing. I also can’t believe that the North won’t sell the tech, unless the Chinese have established some limits somewhere.

The Administration will push for more sanctions, because they have no plan except more talking. But it is pointless, since the Chinese are not interested in sanctions, and there appears to be a lot trade between China and North Korea, which share a border.

And in case you are thinking this can’t possibly impact us, well North Korea has tested submarine-launched missiles that could carry an atomic weapon.

Time to dust off plans for the fallout shelters.

Here is a history of the agreements between North Korea and the US. They were negotiated by Bill Clinton and company, but they fell apart pretty quickly when we determined that they were cheating around the edges of the agreement.


2 thoughts on “North Korea and Nuclear Weapons

  1. There is actually a lot of info on how to survive nuclear attack.

    Expedient fallout shelters can be built given enough time. If you can hide from fallout for even a few days (4 is best) then levels should be low enough for you to be able to escape the area – provided your vehicle has fuel. (Your car is gassed up isn’t it?)

    Of course if you think you are close to someplace that would be bombed, you would need an expedient blast door, and expedient blast valve. (That last allows for ventilation of the shelter, but closes off when the blast wave hits.)

    Oak Ridge National Lab did a lot of work in this area when we were testing nuclear devices.

    Of course these mean you would need several days of warning to build – since they are to be built at the last minute.

  2. If it weren’t for the innocent North Korean people i would show this fat little thug what a real nuclear explosion looked like, 15 megatons right up his @$$. I’d knock out that one light bulb they have in Pyongyang.

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