Capt. Kirk to the Bridge Please (No, not a Star Trek Post)

The US Navy’s new destroyer – the Zumwalt – is nearing completion. U.S. Navy gives look inside futuristic $4.4 billion Zumwalt destroyer – Chicago Tribune

It hasn’t been commissioned yet, so it isn’t the USS anything. It will be the USS Zumwalt on October 15th, after it is commissioned.

And yes, the Captain’s name is James Kirk. (Named after his grandfather, not the guy from Iowa of Star Trek fame.)

It is stealthy, it uses the new electric propulsion – and the ship generates a lot of electric power which runs weapons, and systems, etc. It is acoustically quiet too, making it even harder to find.

Its advanced technology and capabilities allow it to do a range of defensive and offensive missions, and project power, wherever it is needed, and that’s generating tremendous excitement within the Navy, Rowden said.


One thought on “Capt. Kirk to the Bridge Please (No, not a Star Trek Post)

  1. Not quite the boat described by Cobb in Choosers of the Slain but looks close.

    They might use all that electric power for energy weapons (some are in experimental stages), so this could be an interesting time.

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