Good Guys 1, Bad Guys 0

Oklahoma’s Make My Day law means self-defense is legal. Seems that some people haven’t gotten that message. Police: Homeowner shooting of intruder apparent self-defense; no arrests

So there’s a “dispute” about money. A woman goes to a homeowner about a debt, but he sends her away. A guy comes by later, “acting as if he had a gun, demanding cash and entered the enclosed porch.” Things didn’t go as he planned after that.

“What we have determined is that the female and the homeowner have a mutual acquaintance and the female went to the homeowner seeking money,” [Tulsa police Sgt. Dave] Walker said.

“The homeowner refused the female and shortly after this exchange the male arrived acting as if he had a gun, demanding cash and entered the enclosed porch of the homeowner,” he said.

“The homeowner stated he was in fear of what the male would do and shot the man, causing the man to flee.”

The guy who got shot was picked up by paramedics when the woman went to another residence and asked for help. The stories they gave police didn’t match up with the facts. He had surgery and is expected to survive. The woman was not arrested.

Self-defense is legal in Oklahoma, but some bad guys don’t understand what that means. Self-defense is a human-right.