Cooperating With Criminals Does NOT Guarantee Safety

“Just give them what they want.” We are told by the Left, this will keep us safe from criminals. (Never much talk about rape, when they mention this.) But it is a lie. Midwest City store clerk killed during armed robbery. Cooperation is a strategy for dealing with a violent encounter. It is not a guarantee.

[Police Chief Brandon] Clabes says a man walked into the store and made a small purchase, then waited until a customer outside finished pumping gas and left before pulling a handgun and demanding money.

Clabes says Tahir opened the cash drawer and the man took the money, then shot a video surveillance monitor, then shot Tahir before leaving the store and walking south.

Violent criminals remain violent criminals no matter what you do. A gun may not have saved this individual (there are no guarantees in this life aside from death and next winter’s snows), but cooperation came up short.