So You Think Security Doesn’t Affect You?

There might be some folks who want to hack your car. Researchers hack Tesla Model S with remote attack | PCWorld

This article starts out stating that Tesla – with an actual bug bounty – may be the most security aware car company in existence. It hasn’t helped.

Researchers from Chinese technology company Tencent found a series of vulnerabilities that, when combined, allowed them to remotely take over a Tesla Model S car and control its sunroof, central display, door locks and even the braking system.

Locked that laptop and digital SLR in the trunk? Hackers can open it. Anybody have a violent stalker? A disgruntled employee? How about a bitter ex? Hackers can provide control to the braking system.

If you are using an electronic key fob to open your car, then you are probably giving thieves access to the trunk. OR the interior. (What does an airbag go for these days?)

People continue to insist that security is not a concern to them. They “don’t have anything to hide” from the NSA. But that isn’t the only issue. And the NSA isn’t even universally a bad guy. [Hat tip to Small Dead Animals.