A Pro-gun, Pro-self-defense Story in the Washington Post?

Surly this is a sign of end-times. Armed intruders kicked in the door. What they found was a woman opening fire. – The Washington Post

The story is actually from a few days back. Police in Gwinnett County Georgia released surveillance video of a home invasion. (The actual crime occurred on the 16th.) It shows 3 armed intruders and one armed resident.

Police said she saw three men — who were armed — walking through the front door during what police think was an attempted robbery. She fired multiple rounds, police said, striking 28-year-old Antonio Leeks, who died of his injuries.

Police released the video in hopes that the other 2 people involved could be identified.

They posted the video on the WaPo site. They quote law enforcement as saying she had the right to defend herself. There isn’t an “opposing viewpoint” quote from someone who thinks guns are bad.

What. The. Fuck. is going on?