Elderly woman defends herself from intruder

How should an elderly woman defend herself from a young intruder? Elderly woman defends home, shoots trespasser.

“Through our investigation, it was learned Herpich went to a nearby home without permission committing a disturbance,” Ard said. “The homeowner, an elderly female, made contact with Herpich in her yard, who then removed his pants and shoes and walked towards her.”

Fearing for her life, the elderly female produced a firearm and gave a verbal command to Herpich to stop, the sheriff said, but instead Herpich then fled towards the homeowner’s unlocked residence where another woman was inside.

She meant to fire a warning shot, but hit him in the leg. Center-of-mass people, center-of-mass. Warning shots are illegal in some locales. But not in Louisiana it seems. No charges are being brought against the homeowner.

Self-defense is a human-right.