In the Midst of Financial Meltdown, Chicago Teachers’ Strike ‘may be inevitable’

So says Alderman Howard Brookins, chairman of the City Council’s Education Committee. That will improve the education system! Ald. Brookins says teachers strike ‘may be inevitable’ | Chicago Sun-Times

Mayor Rahm Emanuel has argued that another teachers strike would be “one of choice — not of necessity,” calling the 13 percent pay raise on the table a “fair offer” that would stabilize teacher pensions.

Pensions are what is driving the Chicago Public School System and the City into the ground. (The 2 pension systems are mostly separate.) But the teachers don’t think that they should have to pay for their own retirement. Basically.

That 13% is over a 4 year contract. That doesn’t sound too bad to me, given the current state of inflation.

Something needs to be cut. The city can’t afford to go on the way it has been. But the unions don’t think that should apply to them.