The Most Ineffective Foreign Policy of My Lifetime

And I thought Carter’s approach to the Mideast was bad. John Kerry Calls for War Crimes Investigation of Russia and Assad Government – The New York Times

All hurt because the mean Russians won’t talk to him, or pay attention to him when he does talk, Obama’s excuse for a Secretary of State is complaining to the Principal UN.

The United States and its Western partners appear to be hoping they can build pressure on Russia and the Syrian government to ease their offensive by highlighting attacks on civilians.

Hope and change, 2.0?

You can hope that Putin and Assad give a damn about what you think or what “the world” thinks, but they clearly don’t. Give a damn what you think, that is. They are pursuing their interests the way that governments have done since at least the Civil War. Like the Bombing of Berlin, (10s of thousands of pounds of bombs were dropped on Berlin by the allies.) The Doolittle Raid on Tokyo, the Blitz, by the Germans. You could go on and just cover WWII. And of course there is Sherman’s March to the Sea, which from the outset was meant to make it impossible for the South to wage war by destroying infrastructure and punishing the people who supported the continuation of the war.

You might think all these things are harsh. They are. The world is not a bowl of cherries. But you won’t convince Putin, Assad or a host of other leaders to do what you want them to do by a chorus of “I want to teach the world to sing.”


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